Get to Know Generation Z, the Most Diverse Generation in American History

“How can culture—the main currency of today’s sophisticated multicultural marketer—be used to engage a population that grew up with multiple ethnic and racial cultures?”

That’s the question posed in the recent post “Multiracial Gen Z And The Future Of Marketing” from MediaPost. It’s also a question on the minds of many of today’s marketers, who are faced with the challenges of trying to speak to an increasing number of bicultural and multicultural consumers.

Those challenges will only increase with the rise of Generation Z. Here are a handful of key statistics shared by MediaPost about Generation Z (defined as Americans currently between 4-20 years old):

  • Generation Z represents 26% of the total U.S. population (or 83 million people)
  • 53% of Generation Z is non-Hispanic white. This will be the last American generation where the majority will be white.
  • 47% of Generation Z is Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and two or more races (multiracial)
  • 23% of the Generation Z population is made up of Hispanic individuals

How Will Your Business Work to Connect with Generation Z?

For marketers, Generation Z represents a larger audience than Millennials. That means seeking to understand them—their values, habits, and how they differ from previous generations—is vitally important. One of the key things to understand will be how the increasing influence of Hispanic culture and the combination of multiple cultures will shape Generation Z.

For example:

  • Will they speak primarily English, Spanish, or a combination of both?
  • What cultures will they identify with and in what ways?
  • How will the ways they view themselves in terms of culture influence the decisions they make as consumers?

Moving into the future, the answers to these questions will greatly impact how companies can effectively engage, connect and communicate with a generation that currently represents over a quarter of our country.

As the MediaPost article says of Generation Z: “They will be the first generation that will not be defined by one culture, but many. Led by multiracial Gen Z, this will usher in radically new models for ‘cultural’ marketing.”