Don’t Forget About Spanglish When Communicating with U.S. Hispanic Customers

Traditionally, marketing communications have focused on either Spanish or English when reaching out to U.S. Hispanics. But is that the most effective way to speak to this growing audience?

A recent post from Hispanic Online Marketing explores the “third language” that most companies overlook with their marketing. The post discusses the impact using “Spanglish” can have when connecting with the increasingly bilingual and bicultural U.S. Hispanic audience. defines Spanglish as:

Spanish spoken with a large admixture of English, especially American, words and expressions.

The Hispanic Online Marketing post goes a little more in depth, adding:

“Spanglish is all about interchanging español and English within the same communication… Informal and conversational, it’s something today’s U.S. Hispanics know well.”

Why Spanglish Is Important to Customer Communications

The blending of Spanish and English in everyday language is becoming a more common practice—and the prevalence of Spanglish will likely only grow moving into the future.

The Hispanic Online Marketing post shares these key stats:

  • Half of second generation Latinos are bilingual
  • 95% of U.S. Hispanics believe it’s important for future generations to speak Spanish
  • Though they speak primarily English, 82% of Hispanics Millennials reported speaking at least some Spanish at home

The posts also shares a quick case study where an online ad with Spanglish content tested against both an all-English version and an all-Spanish version “drove 54% more clicks and produced 72% more engagement”.

While Spanglish Can Be a Valuable Marketing Tool, Be Careful…

Communicating across languages—especially in two languages simultaneously—can be tricky. It involves more than just sprinkling different words together; it has to be genuine and meaningful to resonate with individuals.

Brands that attempt and don’t do Spanglish well will come off as false and inauthentic. So make sure you have people with a strong understanding of both the language and culture to help you effectively communicate with U.S. Hispanics using Spanglish.

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