Target Marketing Leader Shares Insights on Connecting With U.S. Hispanics

“We see our Hispanic guests living in a 200% reality—100% Hispanic and 100% American. Because they fluidly navigate between two cultures, there is a strong cultural duality that influences everything they do.”

That quote comes from a recent eMarketer interview with Rick Gomez, the senior vice president of marketing for the retail chain Target. In the interview (which you can read in full here), Gomez discusses #SinTraducción, the company’s first ad campaign focused exclusively on U.S. Hispanics.

Gomez provides some great insights in the interview, highlighting key reasons why more companies should be concentrating on U.S. Hispanics and the unique attributes of this audience. Here are a few of them:

U.S. Hispanics balance tradition and progression in a unique way

Gomez states in the interview: “It’s important for us to celebrate our Hispanic guests’ modern mindset and progressive values: They are paving the path forward, while still preserving their culture.”

His point is that because U.S. Hispanics approach things from a different perspective than their non-Hispanic counterparts, you shouldn’t provide them the same experience. You have to tailor your marketing and the customer experience to their preferences and values.

Online and mobile are keys to connecting with U.S. Hispanics

“Digital media efforts are critical to connect with our Hispanic guest, who overindexes on social media and mobile and enjoys sharing with friends and family,” Gomez said.

If you want to forge relationships with U.S. Hispanics, digital is a key piece of the marketing puzzle. Google recently noted that U.S. Hispanics exceed U.S. averages when it comes to mobile usage and video consumption—key factors to keep in mind as you engage this audience.

Within the U.S. Hispanics audience there is still great diversity

“We recognize how diverse the Hispanic audience is and that shopping preferences may vary based on a number of factors, including where they live, their cultural experiences, country of origin, style, personal taste and language, just to name a few.”

This is particularly telling quote from Gomez since it underlines the idea that, while we tend to speak in generalities about this audience, there are great cultural, language and experiential differences among U.S. Hispanics. The more you can learn, segment, and better speak to individuals in your marketing, the better.