Two Infographics Providing Marketing Insights on U.S. Hispanic Millennials

U.S. Hispanic Millennials exist at the intersection between two increasingly important demographic groups. That’s why connecting with this audience is a top priority for many brands and marketers.

U.S. Hispanics are important to marketers because this group is growing at a rapid rate—and that’s not expected to slow anytime soon. Their spending power is increasing.

Millennials are important to marketers because they’re moving into the role of top earners, influencers and purchasers. They are much more diverse and technology savvy than previous generations.

U.S. Hispanic Millennials combine the benefits and opportunities of both groups. They are growing in purchasing power and becoming top influencers.

A pair of recent infographics created by AdWeek and Latinum Network provides some insights on the habits and perspectives of U.S. Hispanic Millennials. Here’s a glimpse at the data included in these infographics, along with links where you can view them…

Did You Know These Facts About Hispanic Millennials?

Hispanic Millennials Infographic

This infographic from Latinum Network illustrates some key demographic and digital usage data points specific to Hispanic Millennials. They include:

  • There are 15.2 million Hispanic Millennials in the U.S.
  • 1 in every 5 Millennials in the U.S. is Hispanic
  • There are more Hispanic Millennials in the U.S. than the total population of Illinois (the fourth largest state in the U.S.)
  • 46% of Hispanic Millennials are bicultural (bicultural Hispanics incorporate traits from both the American and Hispanic cultures in their daily lives)
  • 92% of Hispanic Millennials are online
  • 74% own smartphones
  • 89% use Facebook at least once a week
  • 59% use Twitter at least once a week
  • 44% use Instagram at least once a week
  • 64% see social media as the best way to share their voice

What Brands Need to Know About Millennial Latinas

Infographic Influence of Millennial Latinas

This infographic from AdWeek shows the influence of Millennial Latinas, and what this audience thinks about lifestyle content and advertising. Some key stats included in this infographic:

  • Latinas are 23% more likely to view online ads as influential
  • Nearly half of Latinas trust advertising on sites they admire more than they trust a friend’s suggestion
  • Millennial Latinas are 13% more likely to consider branded content influential than the general U.S. population
  • 69% of Latinas say they are inspired daily by American and Latina culture
  • Over 95% of U.S.-born Latinas identify themselves both as American and Latina
  • 94% of Latinas want to see more of themselves in the content they consume, especially in lifestyle categories such as food, beauty and fashion