Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico This Year

Along with being the home of CommSense and a great resource for bilingual and bicultural contact center services, Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to visit, vacation, or even make your new home.

This recent Paste Magazine post explores some of the reasons why Puerto Rico should be your next travel destination. This quote from the article nicely sums up the allure of our commonwealth:

“An island that’s the best of both worlds. Like Hawaii, Puerto Rico is a tropical gem that is easily accessible to Americans. The Spanish influence provides a rich culture, language and history with all the modern conveniences many travelers desire.”

6 Good Reasons to Check Out Puerto Rico

Here are some of the key points from the Paste article about what makes Puerto Rico such a great place to visit:

1. Location

Puerto Rico is a domestic flight from the U.S. That means there’s no passport required. It can also save you money versus an international flight—and time. As noted in the article, “the island is less than a three-hour flight from most locations on the Eastern Seaboard”.

2. Language

For those worried about language barriers, English is common in Puerto Rico. As the article states, “While the primary language spoken is Spanish, most children are taught English from an early age in grade school.” An added convenience: The U.S. dollar is also the official currency, so you don’t have to exchange your money.

3. Landscapes

There are many unique places to visit in Puerto Rico. From the El Yunque tropical rainforest (which the article says boasts, “over 28,000 acres and a maximum elevation of 3,494 feet”) to Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays (where microorganisms light up in the water), there’s a lot to see here!

4. History

Puerto Rico’s unique history (it was a Spanish territory discovered by Christopher Columbus and ceded to the U.S. after the Spanish-American war) gives it a rich, blended culture with a lot of cool architecture—including four Spanish castles. It feels both old and new at the same time.

5. Weather

The weather in Puerto Rico doesn’t see huge seasonal fluctuations like some other places. As the article states, “Monthly temperatures average between 70 and 80 degrees; there’s never a bad time to visit.” Puerto Rico actually sees its best weather in the winter (which is also the busiest time for tourism).

6. Food

There are a wide variety of delicious and distinct dishes to eat in Puerto Rico. The Paste article mentions asopao, alcapurrias, and helado de parcha. It also says: “If you have never tasted mofongo, you are, simply, missing out. Made from plantains, this savory dish is typically topped shrimp or chicken.”

We can tell you firsthand Puerto Rico is an amazing place to live or visit. But don’t take our word for it, come experience it for yourself. Feel free to stop by CommSense while you’re here!