How a Dedicated Contact Center for Your U.S. Hispanic Customers Benefits Your Business

When it comes to contact center services, not catering your communications to the unique needs of your U.S. Hispanic customers can be a costly mistake.

At CommSense, we provide dedicated contact center services focused on U.S. bilingual and Spanish-speaking customers. Why? Because this audience is increasing in size and importance, and having the ability to effectively speak to them can be incredibly beneficial.

Here are a few specific ways having a specialized bilingual, bicultural contact center will benefit your bottom line:

1. Fewer Transfers

Many call centers only have a limited number of Spanish speakers, so it’s not always easy to get them on the line when you need them. Two things customers on the phone aren’t very fond of: transferring and waiting.

With a dedicated bilingual/bicultural contact center, you always have a person on the line who fluently speaks both languages. So whether a person calls or answers in English, Spanish, or even uses a combination of both throughout the call, the Communicator on the line is ready to handle it.

2. Greater Efficiency

When the Communicator on the line understand the needs of the customer on the other end of the line—both linguistically and culturally—that leads to shorter, more satisfying interactions.

That increased efficiency not only means your customers receive a better experience that will keep them coming back, it means your Communicators are available to handle more calls and more effectively manage your volume.

3. Better Understanding

When a customer makes a call to a company or receives a call from them, they want someone who understands them on a personal, individual level; someone who clearly sees their specific need or problem and provides an ideal resolution.

If there is a language barrier between the caller and agent, understanding the customer’s need can be challenging. It may even lead to frustration from both parties. Similarly, if there is a lack of cultural understanding between the two sides it’s tough to make a connection.

A bilingual and bicultural Communicator will build trust and loyalty by providing better understanding of your customers’ needs, and delivering a more personal and memorable customer care experience.

Need help speaking to your Spanish-speaking or bilingual U.S. customers? Connect with CommSense today to find out how we can help.