3 Interesting and Insightful Articles About Hispanicize 2016

Now in its seventh year, Hispanicize is annual event “for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.”

Hispanicize 2016 was held in Miami, Florida, from April 4-8. The event offers a platform for professionals across industries to share ideas and information relevant to Latinos through panels, workshops, labs, town halls and featured speakers.

Here’s a trio of recent new stories about Hispanicize 2016 detailing what took place at this year’s event:

1. Hispanicize 2016 emphasizes power of Latinos as a group

This article from Fox News Latino discusses the theme of Hispanicize 2016: “Power In Unity”. The article notes that this year’s event has “the aim of saying loud and clear that Latinos, today more than ever, have power as a group”.

According to the article, “it’s not that the conference now has a political coloring, but rather that it will be the place to begin a discussion about the urgent need for Latinos to unite, despite their differences, and respond with the power of being a community of more than 54 million people with purchasing power exceeding $1.5 trillion.”

Conference founder Manny Ruiz is also quoted in the article, saying: “Hispanicize has always been an event at which we tell the positive stories of Hispanics. Our aim is to inspire and empower the community and make the big brands know that they want to work with us.“

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2. Hispanicize spotlights growing Hispanic buying power

This article from the Sun Sentinel looks at some of the marketing discussion that took place at Hispanicize 2016 and features quotes and insights from Cesar Melgoza, founder and CEO of the marketing intelligence company Geoscape.

“We enjoy living in both cultures. You want to be Latino and American. What we are seeing is a movement toward the middle, to be in both worlds,” Melgoza said in the article.

The article also references stats from Geoscape’s 2016 American Marketscape DataStream, including this one: “Nearly 64 percent of Hispanics are bilingual ‘to some degree’—78 percent speaking some level of Spanish and 36 dependent on English or Spanish.”

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3. Rosario Dawson on politics, youth, why the Internet is making us cavemen again

This article from Digital Trends reports on some of the thoughts and information shared at a Hispanicize press conference with actress Rosario Dawson, who was honored with the Latinovator prize for her work promoting empowerment and civic participation.

Dawson discusses the key role Latinos will play in the upcoming election and why it’s so important for them to make their voice heard. She notes: “There will be approximately 27.3 million eligible Latino voters in 2016.”

She also talks about the positive role of technology in our lives and the way it’s connecting us to the world. Dawson’s final quote of the article may be her most inspiring: “Make what you love, do what you love and what you’re passionate about. Encourage people to be part of the conversation.”

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