Tips on Clicking with Hispanic Consumers from the VP of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Among the big companies making a strategic effort to reach the growing Hispanic audience is Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the corporation behind Dr. Pepper, 7UP, Mott’s, Snapple, Canada Dry, and other popular beverage brands.

Pablo Guzman, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Vice President of Sales, Hispanic Markets, was quoted extensively in the recent Hispanic Executive article “Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Pops the Lid on Hispanic Market Potential”.

In the article, Guzman talks about the company’s efforts to reach Hispanic retailers and increase the exposure of the company’s products among Hispanic consumers.

Guzman touches on the “three-pronged strategy” his team is using to connect with Latino communities. The three directives he discusses are not only specific to his company—these are things any company that wants to better connect with Hispanic audiences can do.

3 Tips for Building Stronger Connections with Latino Communities

Here is a summary of the three strategies for reaching Latinos Guzman shared in the Hispanic Executive article…

1. Make sure your communication is culturally relevant

“I work with the marketing team to help them develop content so that it resonates not just as a selling message but utilizing a 360 degree viewpoint to connect with the consumer,” Guzman says in the article.

He provides examples of 7UP’s efforts to connect with bicultural Millennials through a campaign with an optimistic message featuring Hispanic electronic dance music; and Clamato working to reach a young Hispanic audience by producing valuable online content and videos.

2. Use data to reach the right audience with a customized message

The article states: “Guzman’s sales team of nineteen employees, divided across five U.S. regions, uses a census-level data tool to hone in on where Hispanic consumers live and which items are hot. Then, the teams build out product displays to sell to stores, appealing directly to that lightning-rod profile.”

The idea here is simple and one that is pervading all of marketing these days—speak to the people you are trying to reach on a personal level. Inform and educate them about things specifically suited to their interests, and they will listen.

3. Don’t just sell, make an effort to become part of the community

Companies have to make a real and committed effort to connect with Hispanic audiences where they live and become a positive presence in the community. “We’re a very trusting yet cautious culture. If you’re just in and out, then we know there is no commitment there,” Guzman says in the article.

Guzman provides the example of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and its “Let’s Play” philanthropy, which works to build playgrounds across America. Many of the playgrounds their employees have helped build are in Hispanic neighborhoods.

The idea behind all three of these initiatives is to develop strong, authentic relationships with Latinos moving into the future.

Which for any company looking to thrive and expand is incredibly important. As Guzman states in the article:

“Latinos are a changing, evolving consumer base… We’re only going to continue to grow and evolve, and if you’ve never established a relationship with us, you’re not going to be able to change with us.”