NFL Team Aims to Reach More Hispanic Fans

In a city with a booming Hispanic population, the Chicago Bears are taking action to create stronger fan connections.

According to this recent article from Crain’s Chicago Business, the Bears are moving to make engaging Hispanics a key priority. And with good reason—the article provides this eye-opening statistic:

Between 2000 and 2010, Chicago’s Hispanic population grew by nearly 30% (compared with less than 4% growth for the city’s overall population in that same time period).

As is the case in many other regions, the Hispanic population is a significant and growing audience that major organizations like the Bears simply cannot ignore. Along with signing a radio broadcasting deal with Univision (a media company serving Latin Americans), the Bears recently started working with a Hispanic marketing agency.

Creating meaningful, personal connections with Hispanic fans

One of the key challenges for the Bears noted in the article is not just reaching Hispanics, but having a strategy for reaching them on a personal, meaningful and impactful basis. As the article states:

“Cultivating Hispanic fans in an effective way calls for a more complex strategy, especially when it comes to the language used in ads and marketing material. For example, many older Hispanics connect best with ads that are wholly in Spanish, whereas millennials tend to favor a mix of Spanish and English.”

The Bears will have some work to do since “Hispanics last season accounted for 14% of fans who watched, attended or listened to a Bears game”. That’s the lowest among the five professional sports teams in Chicago.

Part of that has to do with the sport itself (American football is much less international than the other major sports). Raising awareness among Hispanics and reaching more Hispanic fans is something the NFL as a whole has been working on in recent years.

The Crain’s article notes that: “The league spent $244 million advertising on Hispanic media outlets in 2014—60% more than it spent five years before.”

Both the Bears and the NFL know that effectively engaging the Hispanic audience will be crucial to their continued growth and success moving forward.