Verizon Launches Marketing Effort to Reach Hispanic Millennials

The telecommunications giant’s “Bienvenido a lo mejor” campaign aims to connect with one of today’s most influential demographics by focusing on their “cultural mobility”.

“Millennials represent the largest consumer group in the U.S. right now, with Hispanic millennials being a very important and unique sub-segment. We wanted to go deeper than just translating a millennial campaign, and focus on passion and touch points that fuel their everyday life.”

That quote, which originally appeared in this article from Portada, comes from Stephanie Shannon, Culture and Segment Strategist at Verizon. Shannon is talking about Verizon’s new marketing campaign (“Bienvenido a lo mejor” in Spanish, or “Welcome to the Best” in English) created specifically to help the brand connect with Hispanic millennials.

The campaign is based on “cultural mobility”, which Shannon explains in this way:

“Hispanic millennials are dynamic, and identify as more than just Latino. They influence mainstream culture and move fluidly through varied passion points, while still having grounding in their cultural identity.”

Adds Javier Andrade-Marin, Marketing Director at Verizon, in this press release: “Hispanics keep their pulse on dozens of passion points: from friends and family to pop culture, sports and cuisine. Staying connected to the people and passions that interest them the most is very important to their lifestyles, and requires the strongest network, as they navigate fluidly between all their worlds and all their interests.”

The campaign features actress Gina Rodriquez, star of TV’s Jane the Virgin. It has a strong Facebook component, with Rodriquez and other Hispanic influencers like MMA fighter Carla Esparza, musician Otto Von Schirach and chef Juan Manuel Barrientos sharing their passions on the social network using the hashtag #LoMejorDeMi (“The Best of Me”).

There is also a contest component incorporated into the campaign, encouraging Hispanic millennials to share their own content, photos and videos featuring the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to meet with top influencers.

“We know Hispanics over-index with social, so we felt engaging the right set of millennials gave us a more authentic touchpoint,” Shannon is quoted saying in this MediaPost article. “This contest gives consumers a chance to make meaningful connections with the people who inspire them.”

More businesses are creating specific marketing campaigns for U.S. Hispanic audiences

Verizon is the latest in a long line of brand names to set their sights on the Hispanic audience. A few others recently profiled on this blog include Target, the Chicago Bears, and this Ford dealership.

A large and influential group, Hispanic millennials in particular are becoming the apple of many marketers’ eyes. There’s good reason for this: 1 in 5 millennials in the U.S. is Hispanic. Hispanic millennials have a strong online presence and are highly active and influential on social media.