What Brands Need to Know About Multicultural Millennials

New research provides insight into how multicultural Millennials, a significant and influential audience, interact with and perceive brands, media, and technology

According to Nielsen, there are 75 million Millennials in the United States. And 42% of them are considered “multicultural” (meaning they have African-American, Asian American, or Hispanic heritage). That works out to 31.5 million multicultural Millennials.

This unique and sizable audience is bridging the gap between generations and cultures. They are very loyal to the brands they love, while also being key influencers. They are an important audience for companies right now.

“It’s important to note that what was once considered ‘multicultural’ is now mainstream, and that shift will only accelerate over the next several decades.” –Nielsen Consumer Insights

9 Noteworthy Stats About Multicultural Millennials

This infographic from AdWeek shines a light on some notable trends and perceptions related to multicultural Millennials. Among the findings shared in the infographic are these interesting stats:

1. 95% consider themselves loyal to brands they like

2. 83% like it when brands take a public stand on issues they believe in

3. 78% feel like they have power as a consumer to influence big brands

4. 61% have used a specific hashtag to support a cause on social media within the last year

5. 68% currently own luxury brand products

6. 79% say they buy luxury brand products because they are higher quality

7. 93% download apps to their smartphones monthly

8. 77% read newspapers weekly

9. 28% say they take a break from technology on a monthly basis

In addition to the infographic mentioned above, this infographic from Marketing Profs also presents some interesting information about the influence, buying habits, and social media usage of multicultural Millennials.