How Restaurants Can Better Appeal to Hispanic Diners

As Hispanic buying power continues to increase, U.S. Hispanics are making a notable impact on the restaurant industry—and smart brands are paying attention.

The 2017 Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report by Technomic compiles findings from 1,200 Latinos to paint a better picture of this audience’s foodservice usage and attitudes.

Among the findings in the report:

  • 62% of Latinos expect their personal financial situation to improve in the next year
  • 41% of Latinos and 54% of Spanish-dominant Latinos say that they are now more likely to visit restaurants that publicly support Latinos than they were in 2015
  • 49% of Latinos say loyalty/rewards programs encourage them to visit a specific restaurant (up from 42% in 2015)

Restaurant Business Magazine has also reported on the increasing significance of Hispanic diners several times in recent months.

In this article they not that “three-quarters of Hispanic diners order food from restaurants at least once a week compared to about two-thirds of consumers overall”. They also share these five ways restaurants can better appeal to Hispanic diners:

  1. Group dining
  2. Kid-friendly menus
  3. Serving alcohol at limited-service restaurants
  4. Providing takeout
  5. Tech-based ordering or payment

In another article, they share a list of six restaurant chains that are currently winning when it comes to Hispanic family dining occasions. You can view that list here.

Catering to the Habits and Preferences of Hispanic Diners

Hispanic consumers are becoming an increasingly important audience for restaurants across the country. As Bonnie Riggs, a restaurant industry analyst at the NPD Group, states in this Entravision post:

“Hispanics are growing, and they’re a very important group of individuals to be targeting. You must have a program that will not only talk to the English-speaking Hispanics, but to those that are bilingual or non-English speaking, because that’s a pretty big number.”