Auto Industry Making Hispanic Consumers a Top Priority

From Honda to Chrysler to Mazda, many of today’s top automakers are spotlighting U.S. Hispanics in their marketing strategies

Recently we’ve seen several major automakers honing in on U.S. Hispanics with their marketing efforts. This makes perfect sense when you consider stats like these ones reported in Dealer Marketing Magazine:

  • Auto purchases by Hispanic buyers are on track to double from 2010 to 2020, growing at a pace of 116%
  • Hispanics will buy nearly 2 million new vehicles this year
  • In the first two quarters of 2016, new vehicle sales to Hispanics grew 6 times more than the general market
  • Hispanics are 50% more likely to buy a luxury car as their first vehicle

Those eye-opening figures, along with the continual rise in U.S. Hispanic buying power, are enough to capture the attention of major auto brands. And many of them are taking action as a result.

Here’s a trio of recent examples of efforts from automakers to connect with Hispanics:

1. Mazda

Mazda (North America) recently launched a digital campaign with creative developed specifically for the Hispanic consumer. The goal of the campaign is to connect Mazda’s core values with common values of the Hispanic community.

Interestingly, in this interview with Portada, Mazda VP of Marketing Russell Wager noted that their research revealed Hispanics “have an affinity for Japanese products, which they view as generally coming from brands that are trustworthy, dependable, skillful and above all, well-made.”

2. Chrysler

In June, Chrysler launched a new campaign intended to “share key features of the all-new Chrysler Pacifica with Hispanic customers”. The vehicle is designed with kids and families in mind, and the centerpiece of the campaign is this “Hero” commercial.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Head of Multicultural Advertising Juan Torres says of the spot: “Today, U.S. auto industry growth is largely driven by multicultural sales and Latinos have a high affinity for the minivan segment. Our campaign is tailored for bicultural Latino families and we use humor and an endearing story to showcase the unique features that make Chrysler Pacifica the ‘hero’ of all minivans.”

3. Honda

This MediaPost article includes the astounding stat that “73% of Honda’s sales growth last year was driven by multicultural buyers”. The article also states that Honda says it is the “the fastest-growing auto brand with Hispanic buyers “. Without a doubt, Honda has shown it is committed to making Hispanics a key part of its marketing strategy.

Last year, Honda launched a Hispanic-focused marketing campaign for its 2017 Ridgeline Pickup Truck. This year Honda has launched several different marketing efforts to reach Hispanic audiences—from this campaign aimed at pet lovers to promote the 2017 Honda CR-V to this TV Spot to promote the 2018 Honda Odyssey.

Like many of today’s top automakers, these brands see the great value and opportunity the U.S. Hispanic audience has to offer.