3 Numbers About U.S. Hispanics Your Brand Should Know

Brands looking to make inroads with Hispanic audiences need to gain a better understanding of who they are and how they connect with companies

This recent Forbes Business article shares a handful of what the author calls “surprising” statistics about the Hispanic market. Whether or not you actually find some or all of these stats surprising depends on how familiar you are with the U.S. Hispanic audience.

Nevertheless the numbers mentioned in the article are all certainly worth consideration and discussion. They provide some good food for thought for all brands seeking to develop deeper connections with U.S. Hispanics.

Here are just a few of the statistics that appeared in the article:

1. 25.8% of all children in the U.S. ages nine and under are Hispanic

For brands and marketers, this points not necessarily to the now but to the future. That’s a sizable number and it suggests the rising influence Hispanics will have on both the culture and economy moving forward. As the article states:

“Brands should be aware of the implications that the growing strength of the Latino population will have on pop culture, advertising standards and perhaps even the language being used in ads.”

2. 56% of Spanish-speaking Hispanics said that they were more loyal to companies that advertise in Spanish

Forbes reports this statistic comes from survey results. They also simultaneously note the rising number of U.S. Hispanics who search online in English. The point is, for many of today’s U.S. Hispanics both languages remain important—and that may continue to be the case well into the future. Additionally, culture is also a key factor brands need to take into account. The article notes:

“It’s also important for brands to transmit elements of Hispanic culture through their advertising, even if it’s in English, because it makes individuals feel that the brand understands them and their cultural backgrounds.”

3. 50% of Hispanic millennials said they had talked about a brand online with others or used a brand’s hashtag

The kicker here is how that statistic compares to non-Hispanics—where that number drops all the way down to 17%. For brands looking to connect with U.S. Hispanic millennials, social media offers a key opportunity. As the Forbes article tells us:

“Social media represents an important touchpoint for Hispanic consumers, especially for much-sought-after millennials. Brands should take care to use it as a tool to cultivate brand loyalty among this cohort.”

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