TurboTax Launches New Marketing Campaign to Connect with Latinos

In time for tax season, the tax-preparation software provider aims to reach Latino customers with creative bilingual content featuring the fabled beast Chupacabra.

A recent post from Portada shined a spotlight on the efforts of TurboTax to increase the relevance of the brand among Latinos. Portada notes this is “the third consecutive year the company has launched a 360-degree marketing campaign dedicated to Hispanic consumers.”

As part of TurboTax’s 2018 campaign geared toward Latinos, the brand has taken a bilingual approach—developing content in both English and Spanish.

“For us, Spanish is a tactic, not a strategy. We speak to our Latino consumers in the language they prefer based on receptivity and context,” John Sandoval, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager at Intuit Inc. (developer of TurboTax), told Portada.

Both TurboTax’s Spanish and English ads focus on the fear of the unknown people often have when it comes to doing their taxes and how TurboTax helps to alleviate that fear. The Spanish ad features the legendary creature known as “Chupacabra” (allegedly first reported sighted in Puerto Rico), getting help from a TurboTax consultant on his smartphone.

Watch the full TurboTax 2018 “Chupacabra” commercial here >>>