Advice from the Experts on Multicultural Marketing

Marketing leaders from across industries share key tips on reaching multicultural consumers that every brand or business should take to heart

This recent article from Portada collected some pieces advice from high-level employees at big brand names like the NFL, Intuit, and Rent-a-Center about why multicultural marketing is important today, and what brand attributes are key to doing it successfully.

Among the insights shared in the article:

  • “Looking at the US population current data, as well as the projections, I’d be hard-pressed to believe there are many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from multicultural marketing.”
  • Rather than just target “multicultural consumers”, narrow your audience to more specifically define who you are trying to reach and more effectively connect with them
  • Be authentic to your brand, and make sure you are listening to your multicultural customers and engaging with them on an emotional level
  • Don’t rely on misconceptions or biases—like just assuming using Spanish in your marketing is all you have to do to reach Hispanics

Read the full Portada article on multicultural marketing here