3 Factors to Take into Account When Marketing to U.S. Hispanics

Building strong and beneficial connections with U.S. Hispanics requires marketers to take a different approach than they do with non-Hispanics, focusing on what makes this audience unique

WARC, a marketing intelligence service based in Washington, D.C., recently posted a piece titled “Five tips for marketing to Hispanic consumers”. They note in the post that the information provided is based on best practices shared in a WARC paper by marketing consultant Belia E. Jimenez.

Here’s a summary of three of the five areas the post says it’s important to consider when reaching out to Hispanic consumers:

  • Cultural Nuance – Many Hispanics often navigate two worlds, between two cultures
  • Language – While getting language right is important, integrating cultural insight is often more important—providing more emotional resonance   
  • Authenticity – Hispanics will pick up quickly on false portrayals of their lives, which is why your content must ring true to them

One final thing noted in the post is that being consistent in your efforts to connect with Hispanics can also be incredibly beneficial. Jimenez is quoted in the post saying: “Brands that win with Hispanics stay connected with this segment year round, focus on building a relationship and reach them where they are.”

Read the full WARC post on marketing to Hispanic consumers here