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Notable Numbers on Spanish Speakers in the U.S.

With tens of millions of Spanish speakers in America today, the Spanish language continues to play an important role in both culture and marketing MotionPoint, a provider of website translation solutions, recently posted this great infographic spotlighting some statistics about the Spanish-speaking population in the United States—including how they use... Read More

CNN en Español Partners with Nielsen to Get Data on U.S. Hispanic Viewing Habits

The news network aims to get a better sense of how many people are watching its Spanish-language programming to provide better advertising offerings In this recent press release, Nielsen announced they are expanding their partnership with CNN to begin providing national TV viewership data of CNN en Español. The 24-hour Spanish-language... Read More

3 Factors to Take into Account When Marketing to U.S. Hispanics

Building strong and beneficial connections with U.S. Hispanics requires marketers to take a different approach than they do with non-Hispanics, focusing on what makes this audience unique WARC, a marketing intelligence service based in Washington, D.C., recently posted a piece titled “Five tips for marketing to Hispanic consumers”. They note in... Read More

Exploring the Differing Homeownership Needs of Hispanic Millennials

Looking at a side-by-side comparison of California Hispanic Millennials based on whether they are Spanish-dominant or bilingual/English-dominant reveals some notable differences. The California Association of Realtors (CAR) recently shared this infographic with some interesting information comparing the needs and perceptions of Hispanic Millennials when it comes to home ownership based on... Read More

Advice from the Experts on Multicultural Marketing

Marketing leaders from across industries share key tips on reaching multicultural consumers that every brand or business should take to heart This recent article from Portada collected some pieces advice from high-level employees at big brand names like the NFL, Intuit, and Rent-a-Center about why multicultural marketing is important today, and... Read More

TurboTax Launches New Marketing Campaign to Connect with Latinos

In time for tax season, the tax-preparation software provider aims to reach Latino customers with creative bilingual content featuring the fabled beast Chupacabra. A recent post from Portada shined a spotlight on the efforts of TurboTax to increase the relevance of the brand among Latinos. Portada notes this is “the third... Read More

9 Notable Numbers Showing the Evolution of the U.S. Hispanic Population

A look at some statistics paints a picture of the many ways the U.S. Hispanic population is not only growing, but changing as well This recent post from the Pew Research Center Fact Tank reveals some of the ways the Hispanic population in the United States has evolved. Among the key... Read More

Taking a Closer Look at Bicultural Hispanics

For brands that want to reach bicultural U.S. Hispanics, understanding who they are, what they value, and how they communicate is essential. Latinum Network recently shared “Six Things to Know About Bicultural Hispanics” based on findings from various research studies they’ve conducted over the past few years. Here are a handful of... Read More

Remember, Hispanics Are More Than Just One Group

A new study serves as a reminder that marketers should not think of Hispanics as a single demographic, but a large and diverse audience made up many distinct segments. “For U.S. Hispanic consumers, it is not a one-size-fits-all market, and they cannot be targeted collectively as one group,” said Matthew Lieberman,... Read More

English, Spanish, or Spanglish: How Should You Speak to Your Customers?

Culturati vice president shares key findings from a recent study about how to use language effectively when speaking to bilingual U.S. Hispanics. As more and more companies and marketers look to connect with the booming U.S. Hispanic audience (with good reason), determining the best way to use language in customer communications... Read More

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