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8 Interesting Stats About U.S. Hispanic Grocery Shopping Habits

Two recent food industry news reports provide some fascinating findings on how U.S. Hispanics shop for groceries and where opportunities might lie for grocers. Supermarket News is a resource for food industry professionals. In their recent post "Hispanic shoppers make more frequent, varied grocery trips than others", they provide a number... Read More

Time Inc. Increases Focus on Digital Content Geared Toward U.S. Hispanics

In another telling signal of the increasing importance of U.S. Hispanics, one of the largest media companies in the world has launched a digital platform designed specifically for this audience. If you've ever glanced at a magazine rack at a store, you know Time Inc.—the company behind well-known publications like Time,... Read More

7 Statistics Revealing the Prominence & Perspectives of Hispanic Millennials with Children

As the millennial generation continues to come of age, we look at some new numbers revealing notable attributes of Hispanic millennial parents. Estimated at 83.1 million, the millennial generation is the largest generation in the U.S. (outnumbering the Baby Boomer generation by nearly 8 million according to the U.S. Census Bureau).... Read More

10 Telling Stats for Marketers on U.S. Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials

Findings from a new report provide an informative glimpse into the lives, shopping habits, and economic impact of today’s Hispanic consumers “While Hispanic Millennials may be one of the biggest buzzwords in the advertising industry today, behind all the buzz is a wealth of opportunity for brands.” That quote comes from the... Read More

Auto Industry Making Hispanic Consumers a Top Priority

From Honda to Chrysler to Mazda, many of today’s top automakers are spotlighting U.S. Hispanics in their marketing strategies Recently we’ve seen several major automakers honing in on U.S. Hispanics with their marketing efforts. This makes perfect sense when you consider stats like these ones reported in Dealer Marketing Magazine: ... Read More

Why Simply Translating English Into Spanish Isn’t Enough

When it comes to marketing, taking a message from one language and translating into another is not only ineffective—it can be detrimental to your brand.  Many companies believe that marketing to a Spanish-speaking audience is as simple as taking their English-language messaging and translating it into Spanish verbatim. But history has... Read More

What Brands Need to Know About Multicultural Millennials

New research provides insight into how multicultural Millennials, a significant and influential audience, interact with and perceive brands, media, and technology According to Nielsen, there are 75 million Millennials in the United States. And 42% of them are considered “multicultural” (meaning they have African-American, Asian American, or Hispanic heritage). That works... Read More