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TurboTax Launches New Marketing Campaign to Connect with Latinos

In time for tax season, the tax-preparation software provider aims to reach Latino customers with creative bilingual content featuring the fabled beast Chupacabra. A recent post from Portada shined a spotlight on the efforts of TurboTax to increase the relevance of the brand among Latinos. Portada notes this is “the third... Read More

What Is Three Kings Day (El Día de Los Reyes)?

For many U.S. Latinos, Christmas isn’t the end of the holiday season. There’s another important holiday just around the corner—and brands should take notice. While almost everyone in the U.S. is familiar with Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not), there’s another less-well-known day of celebration that comes just 12 days... Read More

Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico This Year

Along with being the home of CommSense and a great resource for bilingual and bicultural contact center services, Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to visit, vacation, or even make your new home. This recent Paste Magazine post explores some of the reasons why Puerto Rico should be your next travel... Read More

5 Reasons Puerto Rico Is A Great Resource for Contact Center Services

At CommSense, our contact center is located in Puerto Rico. That didn’t happen by accident. There is no better location than Puerto Rico for helping companies connect with bilingual and bicultural Spanish-speaking U.S. customers. Here are five key reasons why… 1. It's a U.S. Commonwealth Puerto Rico is part of our country. After being... Read More